About the Project

Out of my own need to find single-serving recipes, and my desire to give a resource to others, a single chef was born. I began writing my own recipes-everything from entrees to desserts perfectly proportioned for the single person. I love to travel, and so I decided to experiment with recipes I’ve tried from around the world, as well as from my favorite restaurants in and around New York and New Jersey. Each recipe has a story-how each meal and ingredient influenced my life.

If you’re single, or just want to cook for yourself, my hope is that my recipes inspire you to get in the kitchen, and to start cooking.  If you have a question regarding a recipe, or want to be my friend, feel free to drop me a line at marguerite@asinglechef.com, follow me on twitter, or “like”  a single chef on Facebook.

About Me

Hi, I’m Marguerite, and a single chef is a blog where I offer tips, tutorials and recipes for the single cook. After hearing the struggle many singles have with traditional recipes written for large families, I decided to start this blog with a simple mission: To end the leftover humdrum many singles face by posting single serving sized recipes. I’m a self-taught cook, an enthusiastic experimenter, and I like to share with anyone willing to learn. My friends and family are loving and supportive tasters.